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New Michigan real estate brokerage launches with exciting ‘everything to the table’ office space

A pair of top-producing, veteran West Michigan real estate brokers have combined forces to help other agents succeed in their careers, and in turn, assist buyers and sellers get the best deal possible in their residential and commercial transactions.

Ryan Prichard and Vung Mang recently formed Blue Beacon Brokerage, an all-services firm that will operate out of a former Huntington Bank branch as a one-of-a-kind center with in-office access to mortgage providers, a title agency, an independent insurance agent and a financial advisory firm. Plans also call for a certified public accountant, an attorney and a coffeehouse to occupy the property.

The high-profile 13,000-square-foot space, located at 1850 44th St. SW in Wyoming, serves as the centerpiece to a client-oriented philosophy aimed at building trust and rapport that puts customers at ease as they make decisions about their future with the expert guidance of Prichard, Mang and a diverse team of agents.

“We feel this is a very exciting time to be involved in real estate in West Michigan,” Prichard said. “We are in a position where we’ve brought everything to the table under one roof for the benefit of our clients. 

“We want people to have a great experience when they are buying or selling a home, and the space gives us the opportunity to share our knowledge and form lasting relationships.”

Prichard and Mang met in 2015 and grew closer as their careers progressed and took them to among the top 1% of agents in the region. Their shared beliefs of how to do business and treat people professionally inspired them to launch their own entity. 

They plan to expand the brokerage’s abilities by offering professional development and other education services to real estate agents looking to grow. Blue Beacon Brokerage’s territory centers on Kent and Ottawa counties, but the pair have assisted clients in Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, Lansing and as far as Detroit and its suburbs.

“We’re very strategic on how we advise buyers and sellers, and our track record is very successful,” Prichard said. “We have the ability to get the house you’re buying or selling under contract at the terms and conditions our clients desire.”

The pair said it’s crucial to understand a client’s goals and stage in life and then make those dreams become reality. The discussions prior to listing or offering help shape the next steps and set expectations.

“These are big decisions and we want people to be at ease with a process that can be complex if you don’t have the right voices helping you,” Prichard said. “We’re building a strong presence and we’re dedicated to the community.”

Mang adds: “We want everyone to benefit and grow together.”

Contact Blue Beacon Brokerage today to learn how Prichard, Mang and their team can assist you.

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