Vung Mang

1850 44th ST SW WYOMING MI 49519

Born and raised in the small town of Kalay, Myanmar — formerly called Burma — Vung Mang weathered numerous challenges in life, but it didn’t stop him from finding success. He immigrated to the United States as a refugee from a communist country, and despite trying a variety of jobs before and after he resettled in the U.S., he finally found his purpose in real estate by helping other people succeed in their goals as well. “Between learning survival skills in Myanmar and having to overcome all odds, I am appreciative of what I have and of every opportunity that life offers me here,” Vung said. While Vung still lived in Myanmar, he studied English and computer networking. He then became a computer salesperson before finding work as an insurance agent for three years. In 2008, Vung relocated to Michigan and became a case aid and translator at Bethany Christian Services. He met many people in the Burmese and Nepali communities as a result of his job where he assisted families as they settled into their new lives in America.

Due to his expanding network and his growing knowledge of the area, Vung was inspired to enter real estate. He began working at Five Star Real Estate in November of 2013 as a part-time agent while still aiding people through Bethany Christian Services, but three years later, Vung realized that his career in real estate could carry him into a brighter future than what he could have ever imagined.  “When I went full-time as an agent five years ago, it changed my whole life,” Vung recalled. “I have tried all sorts of investments, and I found that real estate sales and investments are the best.”

Now an agent for over nine years, Vung has thrived in the industry. He sold 79 houses in 2022 and obtained over $24 million volume in sales, which contributed to his overall career volume of $94 million. For the past two years, he has been the #1 most-selling agent at Five Star Real Estate, and in 2022, he was ranked #35 out of over 3,000 agents in all of Grand Rapids. Vung also owns nine rentals — which contain 13 units — as well as his primary residence. One day, he hopes to possibly own a large apartment complex or commercial property. One day, Vung hopes to possibly own a large apartment complex or commercial property.

Despite Vung’s impressive achievements, he defines success as “helping people achieve their goals.” He is passionate about assisting past and current clients gain financial success through investment-property ownership, but most of all, he wants clients to remember him as a “fantastic agent who went above and beyond” and as someone who ensured that all of their transactions were completed on time.

Vung credits his father for instilling in him a strong work ethic and the confidence to chase after his dreams. “My dad is my role model; he had the greatest influence on my career and life,” Vung said. “He taught me to believe in myself and to couple determination with hard work.” When Vung isn’t working, he and his family like to check out new restaurants in town. Vung and his wife, Juliet Ni, have two children — Isabella Kim and Ethan Mang. Vung also enjoys watching thriller movies and listening to Hillsong music. His favorite book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, affects his real estate business to this day. “I am always looking for financial freedom and how to make money while I sleep,” Vung joked. From his humble beginning in Myanmar to only having $20 in his name when he moved to Michigan 14 years ago, Vung has worked incredibly hard to become a top-producing agent and hopes that he can inspire others to go after their dreams, too. “Always show up and get it done,” he said. “If you have a desire, put in the effort and focus on your goal, it will one day become a reality.”